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We're creating the future Internet

Our digital brands are providing a more prosperous future using Web3, AI, ML, and financial technologies. 

Blockchain Developer

At Cyber (CTI), we are dedicated to creating innovative solutions that drive the future of the Internet. Our team of experts are passionate about harnessing the power of technology to create businesses and brands that revolutionize the industry.


Our Brands

We offer a wide range of digital products and services that cater to the needs of the modern internet user. From social media platforms to event management software, and affiliate programs, we have it all.

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Networking Super App

Webtalk is a Web3 digital economy networking super app... Work, Live, Play, & Earn. 

  • 2-in-1 Networking

  • SocialCRM 

  • Verify

  • Marketplace

  • Rewards

  • WTC (crypto)

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Last-Minute Events App 

EventWave enables you to find last-minute events and be found at events using location tech.


  • Find local events, anywhere

  • Search events by topic and type

  • Meetup with friends

  • Network at conferences

  • View attendee profiles

  • Chat with attendees 

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On-Demand Affiliate Program

Swell your sales with Swellr! Swellr enables you to launch your own affiliate program, with multiple levels, in seconds. 

  • White label affiliate program

  • User login API

  • Customizable comp plans

  • Revenue integration APIs

  • Global payment partners

  • Automated tax filings (U.S.)

webtalk logo-71_edited.jpg

Webtalk v1.0 is currently in development after a very successful private beta that attracted 13M visitors and 1.3M users from 138 countries. 

Webtalk v1.0 will feature several new services including; Verify (web3 ID), WTC (web3 cryptocurrency), Flix (video sharing), and more. 

There are key five pillars that make a successful economy; people, commerce, infrastructure, currency, and trust.


Webtalk's Community, Marketplace, Search, WTC, and Verify services will represent each pillar respectively.


Join the Webtalk v1.0 waitlist 


A better way to discover, attend and connect at events.  EventWave is bridging the gap between digital and physical networking and meetups. 


EventWave took home the "People's Choice" award at the Launch Hackathon event, a 54-hour competition to build the best new app concept over a single weekend. 

EventWave is currently in stealth mode while developing its MVP technologies.

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Single and multi-level affiliate programs help create hundreds of billions of dollars in sales every year. 

Swell your sales using Swellr's all-in-one software to onboard, train, track, and pay your affiliates--globally--through multiple levels.

Swellr is currently in stealth mode while developing its MVP technologies.

Invest in the future of the internet with Cyber. Our digital brands are designed to empower businesses and professionals to succeed in the digital age.

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